The XTAR VC2 charger is an intelligent charger that can recognize, charge, and display charging current, battery voltage, and charge capacity of both Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries at the same time! This is a USB powered charger so it can be plugged into any of your existing  AC USB wall adapter plugs (e.g. Apple, Samsung, etc.)



10440/ 14500/ 14650/ 16340/ 17500/ 17670/ 18350/ 18490/ 18500/ 18650/ 18700/ 22650/ 25500/ 26650/ 32650 3.6V/ 3.7V Li-ion and AAAA/ AAA/ AA/ A/ SC/ C/ D. and Ni-MH/ Ni-CD batteries so there's no need to buy a separate charger for each battery type. 



1. Innovative LCD screen displays charging current, battery voltage, and charging capacity. It can also intelligently recognize and charge Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries and clearly display this information.

2. Intelligently identify a battery's input power and automatically adjust suitable charging method and charging current from 0.1A to 1.0A and up to 0.5A*4 / 1.0A*2 max.
3. Three charging stages (TC-CC-CV) can prolong your batterie's life.
4. Soft start will prevent any sudden current spikes which is used to prolong battery lifespan.
5. The charger can tell you the real capacity of your batteries.



1. Automatically stops charging when battery is fully charged and will automatically start charging again if the battery falls below 3.9V.

2. Intelligently identifies bad batteries by showing “null” and “Err” if reverse polarity has been detected.

3. ABS durable fireproof shell with perfect heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.



1. Four independent slots making each port operate like 2 separate chargers.

2. 0V activation function which rescues your overly discharged batteries when in most cases the batteries must be discarded. With our chargers you can bring them back to life.

3. Compatible with any USB power adapter or wall adaptor.

4. 2-minute non-activity backlight feature; inserting batteries will activate full LCD screen brightness, pressing the mode button for 1.5s can turn off the backlight at your will.

Note: There is a protective sticker on all charger screens and it may appear to be scratched when you receive it. Don't worry, simply remove this sticker to see the actual screen.



Step 1: Insert your discharged battery (at a discharge cut-off voltage generally below 3.0V)

Step 2: Let the battery charge and notice the 0000mAh displayed on the screen. Do not remove the battery until the charge is complete.
Step 3: When the battery is fully charged, the screen will show "FULL" and the entire screen will flash 3 times every 10 seconds.
Step 4: The mah on the screen should now give you the batteries actual capacity.

XTAR VC2 2 Slots Li-ion Ni-MH Premium USB Charger