Welcome to try our new brand P|Z Vape.

We have been in vape industry for 5 years, 2 years and half wholesale experience, these 6 flavors are the best seller in our 400+ flavors.


Blueberry ( A low mint pure blueberry taste, overripe sweet and smooth taste. A bowl of chilled canned blueberry just of our your fridge in a summer morning. cool and refresh)


Mango-Nana ( A big cup of sweet mango and banana healthy smoothie ready for you to taste)


Cookies n cream (An iced out cookie with vanilla centers and a chocolate cookie layer sandwiching layers of uber flavor. Drool as you get your first scent of this fantastic liquid and drool some more between vapes.)


Blackberry Lemon (Invigorate your mind with this tangy blend of lemon and blackberries! Perfect to head into a summers day with or to fight those winter blues. This blend is simply delicious!)


Mixed berry (It is a mix of blueberries, strawberries, and grape. This vape will make your mouth watering.)


Blue gobstopper ( A classic candy flavor, it reminds your local cornor dairy shop in childhood, pick the a big gobstopper out of the glass jar for 50c, go and lick that big ball)




6 x 60ml bottle 

1 Flavor each.

P|Z VAPE 6 NEW FLAVORS (6 x 60ml)

SKU: 0000000002