Proudly to introduce our new product line Breze Stiik Mega 2200 puffs by Zstar Vape.

It is the NZ regulated product to replace our old Breze Stiik Mega sold in our psysical store before, yes we all used to call it Simpsons Vape.

Exactly same product, same profermance and flavor with a bit plain packaging to make sure it doesn't attract any young people, that's what we are selling vape for, to provide smokers a less harmful alternative but also not to creat any new smokers.


Zstar Vape is the only official distributor of Breze Stiik Mega disposable 2200 puffs by Zstarvape in New Zealand and Australia.



Available in 6 flavors


Raspberry Lemonade


Mango Peach

Mixberry Ice

Peach Ice

Strawberry Ice Cream


More Flavors are coming....

Breze Stiik Mega disposable 2200puffs by Zstar Vape

$25.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price